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Artist Bio

Kinga Földi is a Budapest-based textile sculptor from Hungary. She forayed into the realm of art by collecting objects, primarily fabric pieces, wherever she found them and experimented by assembling them to create a sculpture. The practice ignited her passion for art and led her to pursue a formal education at the prestigious Moholy Nagy University. During her academic years, she was equipped with the knowledge of bobbin lace-making, origami, and surface manipulation which helped her understand how she wanted to express herself through textile sculpting.

After graduating, Földi chose silk as her canvas and resumed her creative journey in the field of fashion and jewellery designing; creating wearable sculptures for several projects. However, the artist felt that the industry confined her creative liberty, compelling her to advance in life as a full-time professional sculptor. 

The artist’s journey in the art industry, however, did not begin until after she had spent years refining her dexterity and finesse in the pin-tuck method, a principally significant technique evident in a majority of her works. The pin-tuck stitching method, originally employed in designing blouses became the scales of her creations. She also explores the creation of floral motifs to incorporate in her works and creates bigger works by glueing together several silk stripes to create a similar tactile effect. Földi finds inspiration in flora and fauna which is reflected profoundly in her silk sculptures. 

Kinga with her sculpture
Kinga Stitching her artwork

Földi's artworks have enjoyed extensive exhibition exposure both in Hungary and Italy. Additionally, they have garnered recognition in international magazines. Notably, a renowned architect recently acquired her work.


Through her sculptures, Földi aims to narrate the beauty of nature often ignored in the digital age and hopes to evoke a sense of joy and warmth in her viewers as they engage in sensory experiences through the softness of silk.

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