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Artist Statement

Ever since I was young, I found out that the creation of new artworks is something miraculous and decided that this was what I wanted to do my whole life. I always created sculptures from found objects and my favourite was textile. So I applied for art studies at Moholy Nagy University of Art and Design.

My favourite material is silk; it is special because of its depth and texture.

I started making wearable sculptures for costume design centres, but I realised that it was not what I wanted to do so I became a full-time artist.

I began my journey by using the pin-tuck technique because I wanted to work with this material. Still, I had to figure out how to use it to create free-standing objects and it took me several years to develop my technique and that’s how I found my way back to art and started creating sculptures. 

Kinga stitching a fabric
Kinga gluing her artwork

I create larger works by sculpting really small pieces and fusing them in the shape of an animal. It seems like the scales of a fish or the feathers of a bird, so it's very rhythmical, and there’s a lot of repetition in it, and this is how my sculptures come together.

To me, it is important to convey the message of finding our way back to nature because people are so far away from it. I see everyone looking at my sculptures and they somehow find that connection with nature.

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